The Best Used Caravans for Sale in Brisbane

Caravanning is the perfect way to explore Australia’s diverse landscapes, and meet new and interesting people, but it can be expensive to buy a brand new caravan. South Tweed Caravans has the best quality second hand caravans for sale in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

It can always be tempting to buy a brand new, shiny product, but is the extra cost worth it? Many used caravans are in perfectly good condition, having been lovingly maintained over the years, yet they’re just a fraction of the price of a new model. There’s no risk of depreciation if you decide to resell in the long run.

Upgrades and changes can, of course, be made to suit your needs and keep up with ever-changing technology. You may be surprised by what you can afford when you shop second hand at trusted dealers – such as ours – in Brisbane, Gold Coast and QLD.

Why choose South Tweed Caravans?

At South Tweed, our team have been supplying top quality used caravans for sale to the Gold Coast and Tweed area, as well as Brisbane and QLD, for over 37 years. This means we know what to look for, and what makes a good deal for our valued customers. We constantly have a vast and frequently changing range for sale to suit every budget. Our enthusiastic team is always happy to advise which model would best suit your needs.

Every one of the new and second hand caravans for sale in our lot is handpicked to meet the highest standards, so you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the best. After all, why risk buying from the classifieds when you can get a great deal from a team with decades of experience? Some of our vans have made only one trip and are in nearly new condition. This means you’re getting all of the savings with none of the risk.

Before making a decision…

Now that you’ve decided to purchase one of our second hand caravans, here are a few things to remember before you get started:

• There is no such thing as too much research. While we are more than happy to help match the right van to suit your needs and budget, you can make the process easier by knowing a few things ahead of time. This can also help your confidence in making the final decision, knowing you will be happy with this van for many years to come.

• Consider what size van you would like. This depends on your car’s towing capabilities as well as a few personal choices such as whether you will need shower/toilet facilities, a washing machine etc.

• Research and set a budget. This can save a lot of time when matching you to the right caravan. Make sure the budget is realistic.

Our team at South Tweed Caravan Sales is able to help you with any of this research. If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry about any of the used or new caravans on our site, call us on (07) 5524 3745 or visit us at our premises nearby Brisbane, QLD and the Gold Coast.

Our Caravans

2004 Windsor Statesman Royale – Shower Toilet
21'6" x 7'7"

A Wonderful Spacious Caravan with Many Extras for Comfortable Long Term Touring.

Price $28 000

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2008 Roma Sov’reign Pop Top
18' x 7'6"

A Lovely Spacious Pop Top with Many Extras & Higher Ground Clearance.

Price $18 000

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2010 Retreat Macquarie – Single Beds Full Ensuite
20'6" x 7'8"

A Very Comfortable, Fully Equipped Van in Fantastic Condition.

Price $42 900

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2011 Billabong Grove 186 Caravan – Full Ensuite
20' x 7'9"

A Fully Equipped Van in Impeccable Condition with Many Comforts & Features. Perfect for Comfortable, Long Term Touring.

Price $41 900

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2004 Millard Horizon Special Edition Pop Top
17' x 7'7"

A Quality Well Built Caravan with a Spacious Layout in Fantastic Condition.

Price $19 900

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1995 Jayco Sprite Pop Top
12'8" x 7'8"

Great Little Pop Top with Many Extras and Upgrades.

Price $12 800

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2010 GoldStream Explorer ST Off Road Pop Top – Shower Toilet
14' x 7'6"

A Fantastic Off Road Caravan with Many Extras for Comfortable Long Term Touring.

Price $44 900

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2000 Gazal Infinity Pop Top – Single Beds
15' x 7'6"

A Very Comfortable Little Pop Top, Perfect for A Quick Getaway.

Price $14 500

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1998 Jayco Starcraft Pop Top
15' x 7'

Great Little Pop Top in Excellent Condition. Perfect for a Quick Getaway.

Price $13 000

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2012 Opal Vacationer 206 Caravan – Full Ensuite
22'6" x 7'6"

A Fully Equipped Van in Fantastic Condition with Every Imaginable Extra. Perfect for Luxurious, Long Term Touring.

Price $53 500

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2008 Abbey Spectrum 535 – Full Ensuite
22' x 7'

With a Tare Weight of Only 1532Kg this Van has a Full Ensuite, Sleeps 4 and can be Towed with a Family Car.

Price $36 000

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2001 Golf ‘The Phantom’
17' x 7'6"

Renowned Golf Build Quality & Engineering. In excellent A1 Condition.

Price $19 900

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2009 Millard Slide-On Camper – Pop Top

A Quality Well Built Camper in Fantastic Condition, Perfect for that Quick or Off Road Adventures.

Price $20 500

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2012 Concept Vision – Full Ensuite
20'10" x 7'8"

A Stunning Late Model Van in Immaculate Condition, with Every Comfort & Feature for Long Term Touring.

Price $53 500

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