Travelling with Used Caravans in Brisbane

Caravanning is one of Australia’s most popular leisure activities, and for a good reason. Australia offers a wide range of territory to explore, and achieving this independently in a caravan offers certain freedoms to the adventurous traveller. Whether you are looking for weekend getaways, more affordable family holidays, or doing a year-long tour of the entire country, purchasing a used caravan may be the perfect option for you.

Choosing the Right Caravan

Depending on how you plan to use your caravan, there are many options to consider, including size, towing vehicle, plus axel and suspension needs.

We will get into some of these options below.

  • Use – Plan a few years forward. Is your caravan going to be used mainly for weekend escapes? Is it for family holidays? Is it to travel around this vast and varied land we call Australia for many years to come? Or do you need a van on site maybe in your back yard for your teenager or visiting relatives?
  • Size – Most popular caravan models will range from 11 to 24 feet. Anything smaller won’t be comfortable for more than a single person, and any caravan larger will prove to be a towing challenge. Ask yourself if you prefer complete independence, are comfortable in towing a big caravan, and if you have a vehicle to suit. In this case a large caravan where you have the luxury of a separate bedroom, full sized kitchen and ensuite with shower & toilet with running hot & cold water sounds right for you. If you prefer to tow a smaller, lighter caravan and enjoy meeting other like-minded caravanners at shared facilities in a caravan or Holiday Park, then the smaller caravan is the way to go. This option is also cheaper and will give you the added benefit of being able to choose a Pop Top Caravan which again has its own advantages.
  • The towing vehicle – A reliable car to tow your caravan will enhance your holiday and improve the overall comfort and experience of your caravanning. Note that the larger you go with your caravan, the more burden it will place on your vehicle. Make sure the vehicle you choose not only has a decent towing capacity but also acceptable towball download and that your vehicle fits certain required specifications before choosing your camper, otherwise your caravan will be going nowhere!
  • Frame and axle – There is still some debate as to whether a wood frame is superior to an aluminium frame. Timber lasts longer and if you’re a handyman you can repair yourself, but timber frame is heavier and can rot if gets wet. Aluminium can also get fatigued and “fracture” because of flexing, but is lighter. At the end of the day, the correct manufacture in either material will result in a van that is “fit for purpose”. The choice is yours, but it appears that aluminium will be the material that is most likely to be used in the future.
    In terms of the number of axles required, there actually is not much of a choice. When caravans reach a certain size, two axles are required for safety reasons.
  • Suspensions – For the traditional leaf spring design you most likely pay a little less and can be assured that less can go wrong. Independent suspensions give you a smooth ride on most Australian roads and treat your caravan kindly.

These are just a few of the options to consider when selecting the perfect used caravan. Luckily there is a wide range of caravans to choose from.

Now you are ready to explore Australia in your very own caravan. Talk to us for the best deals on used caravans in Brisbane!