Pop Top Caravans for Sale on the Gold Coast – Find out the benefits!

One of the proud Australian traditions, dating back many decades, is the caravanning holiday. Each year, families take to the outback in their caravans to unwind, relax, and enjoy quality time in an outdoor setting. Caravanning is the perfect opportunity for families to spend time with one another away from the pressures of work and school.Pop Top Caravans have been popular since the 1930s. Since then a lot has changed! Today’s Pop Tops are sophisticated adaptions of the conventional caravan and are an extremely popular option with both couples and families alike.

Benefits of the Pop Top Caravan

When it comes to caravanning, the Pop Top makes an already pleasurable experience even better with a number of added benefits. Since the early days the design concepts have evolved and adapted, it is now able to include more and more creature comforts.If you’re in the market for a new caravan for your next family trip, consider the advantages of a Pop Top model over a closed top. Pop Tops pack a number of benefits for you and your family.

The main benefits of Pop Tops are:

  • Easier towing and better fuel efficiency– There’s less wind resistance with Pop Top Caravans when being towed due to the wind being deflected by the tow vehicle instead of the caravan. Consequently towing is easier and safer more fuel efficient and feels lighter. In fact Pop Tops are so light that you may even forget you’re towing a caravan behind you! An added benefit is the reduced strain on your vehicle and gas mileage when travelling to your holiday.
  • Easier storage– When you are not using your Pop Top Caravan, it’s easy to store. Because the roof section can be easily lowered, it means that the height of the Pop Top is roughly the same as the height of your tow vehicle, so you can easily store your Pop Top in your carage or carport. As well as being convenient this saves you costly storage fees.
  • Better air circulation– Once you’ve reached your destination and set up the caravan, Pop Tops provide much better airflow than full caravans. With gas struts and easy lift handles it’s easy to raise the roof, closed the zippered flaps and you’re ready to start your holiday enjoying the fresh air from the outdoors flowing in to your Pop Top
  • Better light– Just like with the airflow, Pop Top models allow much better light inside the caravan while in use. Enjoy the sunshine as you relax in your caravan during your holiday.
  • A wide range of models– When it comes to Pop Tops, there are well over 20 types of models to choose from that are sure to meet all the needs for your family.

You can always rely on a Pop Top Caravan for a great holiday experience. With their easy towing and fuel economy, convenient and easy storage plus added airflow and light benefits, Pop Tops are truly one of the best choices for your caravanning holiday. Just like caravanning itself, the Pop Top is an Australian tradition that just keeps on growing in popularity as its design concepts have evolved and adapted. It is now able to include more creature comforts to make your caravanning experience even more enjoyable.