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Pre-Travel Checklist

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Here’s a handy pre-travel checklist for you to cover before taking your caravan out on the road.

We recommend working through this list each time you take your caravan on an adventure to ensure nothing has happened since the last trip. Without sounding like an air hostess, things might be a little different than they were the last time you took your caravan on the road.

Of course nothing compares to a regular service however this checklist will ensure you’ve got the essentials ready to venture off the beaten track.



  • Check that the wheel nuts on all wheels have been tightened to the manufacturer’s specification for wheel nuts. These should be tightened with a torque wrench to 90ft lb or 125Nm and they should be tightened after each 100km for the first 400km and thereafter they should be checked every 1000km or six months.
  • Disconnect the electrical lead, the water supply hose and the sullage hose – roll up and store.
  • Check that the step from outside the door is either retracted or is stored in the front boot.
  • Make sure the awning is completely retracted and locked.
  • The rear and front corner stabilizers must be completely retracted and that any chocks are removed from the wheels.
  • Ensure that the gas cylinders are secured and turn gas cylinders off at the bottle. You must switch off the gas cylinder before entering a service station or refueling your car.
  • TV antenna should be securely stored.
  • Ensure that the hatch on your pop top is completely closed and locks are in place prior to travel.
  • Ensure that the rear mirrors on your car are correctly adjusted.
  • Ensure that the coupling is correctly seated over the top of the ball and the handle above the coupling is down in the correct position.
  • Ensure the l2V electrical plug is connected between the RV and the car securely and safely.
  • Ensure safety chains are attached to the vehicle in such a manner to allow normal lateral movement between the RV and the car.
  • Load leveling devices or level rides should be correctly and completely attached.
  • The jockey wheel must be removed from the clamp and stored.
  • Release handbrake for travel.
  • Check all lights are operating correctly, such as blinker lights, stop lights, tail lights etc.
  • Check that electric brakes on your RV are working. This can be done by actuating the manual switch on the brake controller located inside your car to ensure that the RV brakes will operate independently and that when you travel the normal RV braking operation will be automatically supplied from the brake controller of your car.
  • Ensure front window stone guard is in the lock down position.
  • Ensure front boot is locked.


  • Close windows and lock for travel.
  • Close and secure hatches including above shower.
  • Wind down and lock Wineguard TV aerial if applicable.
  • Ensure that the refrigerator door lock is secured in place.
  • Lock pin down on sliding ensuite door if applicable.
  • Turn off hot water system if applicable.
  • Turn off water pump if applicable.
  • Ensure that all internal light switches are turned off.
  • Check that all cupboard doors are closed securely.
  • Check that any loose items inside the vehicle and cupboards are properly cannot roll around or do damage whilst traveling.
  • Items such as television sets, microwaves etc, should be securely stored.
  • If the tow vehicle has 12 volt hot wire, set fridge to 12 volt.

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