Testimonials for
South Tweed Caravans

The following are testimonials from some of South Tweed Caravans’ happy customers. We welcome testimonials and feedback from any of our customers either via our contact form or even on our social media pages.
If we’ve helped start or even extend your caravanning adventures we’d love to hear from you!

After six very happy fulfilling years of caravanning covering 65,000km it was time to move on from our low slung blacktop only road caravan. We had been looking for a more off-road, higher clearance van for some time. After a number of caravan shows with mixed results, it was back to the local bloke whom I’d known for thirty odd years. He had assisted my parents particularly well in the past and to top it off I’d heard through friends that he and Millard specialised in altering their basic plans to turn the buyer’s ideas into reality in an efficient and friendly manner at a fair price.

Next stop Barton Johnson at South Tweed Caravans to turn our wishes into a working practical end result. From the moment of walking through the door we were comfortable and knew it was all going to fall into place with a minimum of fuss. Changes – there were plenty of them and Barton to his credit added his suggestions and ideas to our extensive list. We started with a 17’6” Millard  off road van which had a two metre drawbar and single axle independent suspension.

The end result has:

  • Double axles independent suspension
  • 2 x 2m single beds
  • Larger 184 litre 2 door fridge
  • 250 litre split system water tanks
  • Thicker wall and ceiling insulation
  • Modified cupboards plus additions
  • Reversed dinette with larger table
  • Plus numerous other smaller mods

Final outcome:

  • Just what we wanted
  • On time
  • On budget
  • At a fair price changeover with a sensible trade-in figure

Barton simply made it all happen with a smile, lots of patience, no fuss and most importantly: no pressure.

We couldn’t ask for any more. It was a pleasant and rewarding experience and we are delighted to recommend Barton Johnson of South Tweed caravans to any prospective purchaser.Bruce & Helen Hunt

Our wandering adventures began 12years ago in an ex-rental, Toyota Troop Carrier Pop-Top Camper. We could travel light and travel fast. {“There is a Grey Army – We’re the Cavalry!!” was the motto} However, luxuries and comforts were few!! So, after 330,000 kms {including a Round Australia Trip} we realised we were not getting any younger and the search began for a replacement for Troopy. We wanted something with more comfort, without having to sacrifice too much off-road ability. We did not want to tow a van, and camp- trailers didn’t seem much of an advance on Troopy, so we settled on a Slide-on. Millard seemed good value for money so the search brought us to Barton and South Tweed Caravans.

At the time, there were two Demos on the floor and Barton was very patient answering all our questions and fully explaining something which was a new concept for us. After several visits, we settled on a full-height van to be custom-built at the factory in Sydney. Shirley had many ideas that she wanted to incorporate into the fit-out like the Engel fridge on a slide from a specially designed cupboard, the practical storage of the ” girl-cave” which meant re-designing the cooker and wash-up sink, and the covering of that {hideous!} chequer-plate in front of the main fridge. Barton patiently twigged the basic with his own, hand-drawn sketches and was “on the case” of the staff in Sydney to make sure they got it right! Then came the decisions on fabrics and veneers. Once again, Barton and Shirley worked out a very durable and appealing interior, with advice from Annerleigh who seemed to be able to break the dead-locks with really perceptive suggestions. We now think we have the best designed and most practical Millard Slide-on yet.

We are very pleased with Milly n’ Mate {the Millard and the workmate Toyota} and would recommend Barton and his team to anyone wanting a van, or Slide-on.John & Shirley Maloney

We first dealt with Barton approximately 14 years ago when he carried out excellent major damage work on our Pop Top Caravan. In December 2011 we took delivery of a new 18’6″ Millard Caravan after spending 2 years looking at new and used Caravans. In that time we found his advice to be accurate and helpful. We are particularly happy that we were able to get our washing machine in the en-suite and the pantry that Barton suggested is terrific!

We are happy with both the van and his excellent After Sales Service!Terry and Nancy Grenfell

Testimonial - Terry Grenfell

Hi Barton,
We just wanted to send this photo through and let you know how happy we are with our Millard Slide On Camper. We bought the camper in September 2011 and packed it straight away and  headed to North QLD. The design, layout and ease of using the fridge, hot water, ensuite and roll out awning certainly helped make our holiday stress free and without a doubt, a fantastic time. The north-south bed with gas lift supplied us with ample storage and we would certainly recommend this to others. By purchasing a slide on model we were also able to take our boat up to the Whitsundays.

Other factors that made this purchase stress free was the time and help you gave us both before making a decision to buy a camper and upon delivery. We thank you so much for this!Brett and Margaret Heiser

Testimonial - Millard Slideon towing a boat

We went to South Tweed Caravan Sales through a recommendation of a friend of ours who had bought two caravans from them.

Our experience at South Tweed Caravan Sales was everything our friend had told us it would be. The time and effort put into helping us was just unbeatable. Barton Johnston is a real gentleman, nothing was too much for him. He sat down with us to design the lay-out, colors etc. He explained everything to us, first timers so thoroughly and patiently and made sure we got the van we wanted. And we did- a Millard Sunseeka Pop Top.

When the van arrived from Millard’s factory and we went to have a look at it, it was exactly what we had wanted and the quality and workmanship was impressive.  So far we have traveled to the top end of Australia with it and it tows and performs well, is comfortable, especially the bed! We sleep so well on it….plenty of fresh air, the excitement of touring, meeting new friends, being free as a bird – all probably play part in it.

We certainly will recommend South Tweed Caravan Sales and their staff to anyone who wants to buy a caravan. They advertise themselves as “The trusted name in looking after the caravanning public” and that claim certainly is well founded.

Thank you South Tweed Caravan Sales for all you have done for us. We are two happy newly born Grey Nomads who will continue to tour this vast and wonderful country in our “Home on wheels”.Gideon & Hili Ross

We have bought 4 caravans from Barton, two of which he helped us design. He can answer any question from curtains to suspension. When dealing with people he is polite, very relaxed and there is no pressure whatsoever. His service is done by one of the most efficient companies in the business.

At South Tweed Caravans you will be treated as a valued client.Roy & Bev Culpitt

We’re writing this letter to say how happy we have been dealing with Barton Johnston of South Tweed Caravan Sales over the years.

We first met Barton in 1999 when we had a trade in quote on our 25 year old van. We were given an excellent offer and was going to trade it in on a second hand van. However when it came to the time he wouldn’t sell it to us because a fault had been found, (a very honest man). We then ordered a brand new Golf caravan and found Barton to be very knowledgeable and helpful in the design and colour choices.

Four years later we decided to upgrade so we again travelled north from the Newcastle area to order another new caravan from Barton as his genuine helpful service is impeccable. He spends a lot of time and effort explaining every detail of the van and its workings at the time of handover. He gives excellent after sales service as well. Would highly recommend his services to prospective caravan buyers.Bill and Dawn Weldon

Tweed Heads Caravan Sales are the best I and my wife have had dealings with.Barton Johnston is a true Gentleman and Salesman. Nothing is a hassle with Barton and he is true to his word. The help he gave us was impressive. Barton DOES NOT sales pitch you as other caravan salesmen do.

Barton sells high quality vans and gives a good trade-in price. His attitude, sales and knowledge are 100%. And being in his yard for over 30 years has got to say something.
Barton, you are a legend!

All the best!Kev and Liz Stumer

Thank you Barton Johnston, what a wonderful salesman you are. We have been in Caravans all our lives, so we have seen many yards and many salespersons. Barton wasn’t “in your face” straight away. We had a lot of time to look and when we were ready he spent a lot of time with us.

He would be the most helpful person and he couldn’t  do enough to help and in no way were we pressured. I am very impressed and would recommend him highly. He is a gentleman but best of all we have a beautiful second hand van with no problems.
Thanks Barton, if we ever need to upgrade we will be back!Liz Stumer